Friday, August 14, 2009

Boulder City Houses

Boulder City was created in the 1930s to house the workers building Boulder Dam, now called Hoover Dam, and there are no casinos. Affluent people have built lovely homes overlooking Lake Mead - the one in the middle you can barely make out, because it blends with the surroundings perfectly. The teensy worker houses have all been preserved - my one bedroom apartment is probably bigger.

P.S. I have it on good authority that the top house belonged to the late Mr. Whipple, he of the toilet paper TV commercials "Please don't squeeze the Charmin". What is it with Boulder City and toilet paper?


  1. The reason I like your photos is because they are bo(u)lder than most.

  2. I see no one else commented. It must have been the dumb joke that got them, sorry.

  3. That worker house...depressing block in the middle of the desert...can you only imagine?

    Memphis...I am laughing...sounds like a joke my husband would crack :)