Monday, January 17, 2011

Futuristic Architecture Of The Aria

Don't know if I like gleaming glass buildings all the time, but they're fun in small doses.


  1. Hello Ms. Wolynski,

    This is a wonderfully inspiring blog you have created, keep it rocking! In my day job I work for an architectural visualization company in Canada and love architecture so much I created my own modern architecture blog, focusing on futuristic green buildings and sustainable 21st century architecture.

    BTW, one suggestion I will make for a VegasImages post is something along the lines of "Future Vegas Architecture" where you would post renderings of the best building projects proposed for Las Vegas.

    Please check out my blog sometime, your feedback will be much appreciated!

    Peace from Toronto,


  2. Great shots as always and it is awesome and futuristic to be sure! Always love your photos! Hope your week is off to a great start! Enjoy1


  3. These images are wonderful - love the patterns you've picked out with the lens.

  4. These at least have some interesting patterns to them. But glass towers are not my favourite, either.

  5. The patterns are very eye-catching.

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