Thursday, June 10, 2010

Famous Players 2

Jennifer Harman, Daniel Negreanu and Annie Duke, who should've won "The Apprentice" on TV last year.


  1. I don't know what effects you were using, but the stars look better than usual. Maybe you can sell these.

  2. Think the only effects are W's amazingly good eye for portrait shots.

    All three are great, but the one of Annie Duke caught my eye----she looks warm and maternal, maybe listening to one of her kids on the phone?

    That's not an expression you normally see on her face at poker tables.

  3. I thought she might have been using her diaphanous-fabric-over-the-lens technique. Those people don't have complexions like that.

    BTW, have you looked up 'smudger' in the urban dictionary?

  4. Aside from that, what wonderful composition. I sure wish I could do it.

  5. "BTW, have you looked up 'smudger' in the urban dictionary?"

    Um, no. Now that I have, may have to change the nickname.

    Inspiration for the name was actually a friend's cat---solid gray with a single spot of white on the nose, like a smudge of paint.

  6. Well, a smudger can mean a person called Smith or a photographer or... never mind.

  7. Interesting portraits, I didn't know what a smidger is...

  8. I like your B & W shots, W. I'd like to experiment with B & W, but my world is so white, I kinda crave color.