Friday, November 23, 2012

Change Of Venue

VegasImages has moved to


  1. I went to tumblr. Searched site for vegasimages. It returned 'no posts found.'
    Maybe your post didnt 'take?'
    Hope this helps.

  2. No, I posted there a few weeks ago, after being found "objectionable".

    The posts are still there, but it doesn't come up on search - really weird.

    Have to find a better solution.

  3. Picasa is a place where all you images get stored. You can go there and delete some. You can also create private folders then email the link to people so only they can see the pics (family etc) I only discovered Picasa was linked to my blog when I deleted a tonne of images and all the photos disappeared on my posts - remember that a while back?

    See you over on Tumblr. Posterous is another one but I think they might be closing down soon. Self hosting is good but you still need to pay quite a bit to have the amount of storage you'd need for all your pics.

  4. I can't seem to comment on the Tumble blog though...

  5. Tumblr is not at all like blogger, but the photos look better.

    Last time I looked at monetize button on my blog, google owed me over $30 - yeah, I know, big time. Now that button has disappeared and they're hitting me up for money. NOT going to happen.

    This and the arbitrary censorship of my other blog - all because a number of spiteful people flagged it.

    Thank you, google.

  6. This is horrible. Keep us posted about what's happening.

  7. Why can't I comment on your new bog? Am I being really blind or have you not 'allowed comments' somewhere do you think? I'm visiting it anyway!

    Also, Google saves all your images to Picassa but I hear it's almost impossible to use up all your storage so well done there!

  8. I'm still figuring out tumblr. They don't provide comments, but I can import something that does. Please, it took days just to hook it up to google analytics (the most unnecessarily complicated and badly designed piece of crap).

    Still working on it.

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